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Welcome :3

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ギー!         ,,l'll,,      -''''  .''一
           ,i゙ .゙l              ゙"
               il   !,    '          
           ,l   !i,  ‘            
           l′   .゙l .lll,iiiiiiiillllllllllllliiiiii,,、  
              l!  ._,,iiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli,,_,
         ,llllllllll!!!゙゙゙ ̄´`゙!     l!!!!!!!!!!llllllllllllll
       ll'゙゙゙゙゙゙!!!!l                `゙゙!!ll
       ゙li,.  .゙l,.,,,, ,,,..、,,,            ,,il
        .'!lii,_ .!i,゙!!!!l!!゙゙゙_,,,,,___ l!lilii,,;;;,,,, .il
        ,,illll!iiii,,゛          : `. ゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙´ ゛
    .il゙゙lli,  !llllllllll!!lii、               ,i.,i,,iiiiiil
    ll  .'!i、.゙lil!lll!lllllllllllliiiiiiiii,ii,,,,i,,,,,,,,,iiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllilllll
゙li,、 ,l!  il゙ ._,!ll!!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllll!ll
 ゙゙lliil゙   .゙llll゙゙’,ll .゙゙!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!lllllllll
   ゙l,.  _,,iil゙ .゙  ,,lll!lilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!lllllllii!!!゙゙゛゙
   .゙゙ll゙゙゙゙´   ,,ill゙゙'lllllilil゙!!llllllliiillllllllllllllil!゙゙゙´   .ll
    ゙ll,,__,i≠゙    .゙ll,,_..´゙゙゙゙゙゙ ̄ ,ill!゛    .,l
      ´゙il′       ゙l!!ll.、  ._ii!゙゛     i!
       ll         ゙li、 ゛ .゙″ .゙l、   ll
       !l            ゙li,     .l゙.|   '
       .!l             !lli    . l     .'li
       ゙l,,            ゙!!    l゙     .!
        .゙li,,                !      .
      ._____゙゙llli,,,__,   -    } 
    ,,,./ .,,..、  _,゙´ ̄´    : ヽ   .|  
  ./  ./゛  ! /゛ l       ''iミ、 . ,,!, .,.、 ,l=l
  .! -ー!.. . `- ... ./ -'''''^"''''''''''゙  ゙ミ゙,,,,){. .._|.,l,_、.!
                        ´゛   ̄

Hey, my name is Ratteu, I'm come from Taiwan.
this name Originate from Latte plus wolf's short sound,
because I love coffee very much, though I prefer espresso the more!!

nice to meet everybody!

My art will renew at sometime : D

love Magicalouie, Chibisuke and Lucario very much


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What I've reworked:

Mature Content

When Ferris is in the estrus by Coffee-Ratteu

When Ferris is in the estrus
rework at 2016/9/3
(change: left hand)

Aura Storm by Coffee-Ratteu
Aura Storm
rework at 2016/7/24
(change: background and detail)

SinGyoku 2 by Coffee-Ratteu
SinGyoku 2
rework at 2016/7/24
(change: color ,detail and some mistakes)

SinGyoku 1 by Coffee-Ratteu
SinGyoku 1
rework at 2016/7/24
(change: color and detail)

Reimu Hakurei TH01 by Coffee-Ratteu
Reimu Hakurei TH01
rework at 2016/7/22
(change: color ,detail and some mistakes)

Mature Content

Good Morning!! by Coffee-Ratteu

Good Morning!!
rework at 2016/7/15
(change: face and detail)

Mature Content

Every Yummy Meal by Coffee-Ratteu

Every Yummy Meal
rework at 2016/7/15
(change: face and so many little mistake)

Fallen Angel by Coffee-Ratteu
Degenerate Angel
1st rework at 2009/8/30
(change: face)
2nd rework at 2016/6/3
(change: whole detail)

Chibisuke - Sand Volleyball !! -colored- by Coffee-Ratteu
Chibisuke - Sand Volleyball !! -colored-
rework at 2016/5/24
(change: pose and background)

Shaymin and Sylveon by Coffee-Ratteu
Shaymin and Sylveon
1st rework at 2016/3/6
(change: detail)
2nd rework at 2016/5/24
(change: face and Sylveon's pose)

I'm Skymin in the sky!! by Coffee-Ratteu
I'm Skymin in the sky!!
rework at 2016/3/6
(change: detail)

Chibisuke - sleeping -colored- by Coffee-Ratteu
Chibisuke- sleeping -colored-
rework at 2015/11/7
(change: proportion and detail)

Chibisuke - sitting -colored- by Coffee-Ratteu
Chibisuke- sitting -colored-
rework at 2015/11/7
(change: proportion, pose and detail)

Lucario in Bahamut by Coffee-Ratteu
Lucario in Bahamut
rework at 2015/11/6
(change: whole equipment and detail)

Magicarooey and me by Coffee-Ratteu
Magicarooey and me
rework at 2015/11/3
(change: detail and lost equipment)

Future Girl by Coffee-Ratteu
Future Girl
1st rework at 2009/8/30
(change: character detail)
2nd rework at 2015/10/10
(change: wider, and whole details)

Cloud Strife by Coffee-Ratteu
Cloud Strife
rework at 2015/2/13
(change: hands)

Elis 1 by Coffee-Ratteu
Elis 1
rework at 2014/8/20
(change: ears and hair)

Shiron- The wind dragon by Coffee-Ratteu
Shiron- The wind dragon
rework at 2014/8/15
(change: whole)

  My furry design by Coffee-Ratteu
My furry design
rework at 2014/1/20
(change: description)

Snake Dragon by Coffee-Ratteu
Snake Dragon
rework at 2010/2/16
(change: add tail)

Break down by Coffee-Ratteu
Break down
rework at 2009/8/30
(change: whole)

chibisuke - my blog's picture by Coffee-Ratteu
chibisuke-my blog's picture
rework at 2009/8/2
(change: rough clear)

My Group:

  • Listening to: You
  • Reading: You
  • Watching: You
  • Playing: You
  • Eating: You
  • Drinking: You


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